10 April 2010


Polish President with wife and many other people died in a plane crash...


  1. I'm so sorry, so sad, God bless their families and your country right now..

  2. Hi, I´m Czech. I´m thinking of all polish people. It´s tragedy for all world. We condole your peoples and feel great sorrow with you. Jana

  3. This is really sad :( so sorry to hear about this horrible tragedy ...sending our love and prayers to all family ,friends and relatives(Poland)...xoxo

  4. straszna tragedia [*][*][*]

  5. It's difficult at such a time
    to find the words that say
    the things that one can only hope
    will comfort you today
    But may it help a bit to know
    that there are near at hand
    those who keep you close in thought
    those who understand

    Deepest sympathy to your country and families!


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