04 June 2010

New kit is coming and riddle...

Hello everybody!

So, last time I had for you little surprise. But many of you didn't have time to download it.
I guess I did it too quickly. But don't worry please, here, will be some other surprises yet...:)

Now I have for you little riddle.
New kit is coming...Listen To Your Heart...
You may to win this kit. Please, tell me, what do you think:
What are the colors I used to develop a set?
I've used 7 colors. All you have to do is to specify 3 colors correctly.
But you may write in the comments only three colors - will be good, when it will be right the colors.
3 persons will win.

Good luck!


  1. Very interesting riddle. I will try :)
    Violet, white, dark blue, green, black, red, yellow.

  2. So, violet, green and yellow :) I can´t wait to see your new kit and the colors :)

  3. I think that will be red, yellow and green! :)
    Thanks for the game!

  4. so yellow, red, green, I can not wait I'm curious about the kit and the colors will definitely great. Thank you for the opportunity. hugs

  5. violet, green, pearl white, I think :) THank you

  6. I think violet, red and yellow.

  7. I think red, white and pink
    Love your products, hope I'm right

  8. I think pink, brown, and cream.


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