18 November 2010

New layouts and win coupon!

Hello my dears:)

I don't know why but I'm happy today...I feel butterflies in my stomach, but it's long way to Spring;)
And I think, that with joy I'll give you something today.
But first I'll show you a new works from Don't Miss Me.
You surprise me still with fantastic layouts.
I congratulate you all distinctions. They are totally deserved ...
You can see for yourself:

by Dziuniaf

by Monika

by Maty's Style

by Haniela

by Scrapippi

by Novaczka with my beloved son:)

by AgaWa

You are wonderful and very creative girls!
Thank you:)

And one person may win coupon for 6$ for my shop.
Only write here, when you are happy.
I will pick most interesting answer...

Well, please look here:

 There are very nice things.
You can find also little surprise from me.
If you buy $5 of merchandise from my store,
you may buy Forgotten Place or Don't Miss Me with discount.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm happy every time I see the success of his son! He's small, he two years old. Every day I watch as he becomes more intelligent, like becoming an adult is a clever guy. And because of this I am happy!

  2. Hi, i'm happy to share with you the LO i made using your RAK "don't miss me"...i sent you the link through your facebook page. thank you for everything! :)

  3. Beautiful layouts, what a wonderful kit. Thanks for the chance to win the coupon.
    I am happy when my 4 daughters are healthy, happy and get along. Right now my second daughter is battling cancer, they're hoping to have her treatment finished by Christmas and have her cured. I will be happy once I hear the doctors say the cancer is gone :)

  4. I'm happy for who I am!
    In recent years I have lived some bad experiences, I met someone who wanted me to change ...
    This is me: I love life, I love my pets, I love to smile, I love to sing and dance, I love the sun and the sea, but above all I love my daughter Claire!
    I am happy to be Antonietta! :)

  5. Bardzo dziekuje jeszcze raz za to cudenko:)Na razie mam jedna stronke i zapraszam na mojego bloga:)

  6. I am the most happy when on the weekends when my husband is home to give me a break from the kids. I love them to death, but I need my time alone. Thanks for the chance.


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